Advancing the Legacy of the National Mall through Public Policy and Innovative Ideas

In its clean, majestic sweep from the U.S. Capitol past the Washington Monument and on to the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall celebrates the democratic ideals of freedom, equality, and limited government on which our nation was founded. A gathering place for civic celebrations, a site for peaceful yet assertive demonstrations, the Mall is a national treasure to be cherished and protected by each generation. Our generation's task is to create a comprehensive 3rd century plan for the Mall to meet modern needs and to open opportunities for future generations while advancing the legacy of the two historic visions, the 1791 (1st Century) L’Enfant Plan and the 1902 (2nd Century) McMillan Plan.

Currently there exist only piecemeal jurisdictional plans such as upgrades to Smithsonian and National Park Service facilities. Congress has declared the Mall a "substantially completed work of civic art." Yet, the will of the people is clear: the Mall needs to grow and evolve so that it can continue to welcome the new museums, monuments, public events and attractions that tell our country’s unfolding story.

The National Coalition to Save Our Mall is striving to realize that mandate in a public-spirited, creative, and well-thought-out way. Working together with the public, our members, and the civic, business, and government communities, we are taking steps to create a new, visionary “3rd Century Mall” plan that will add a new modern layer of meaning to this evolving symbolic landscape and expand its crucial role as a living, active place to explore, experience, and participate in American democracy. Read more >>